What can I tell you, it's a little crazy in here!

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So I know I’ll get moaned at when hubby gets home BUT…

I bought Rob his own Tennis Racket for his lesson on Saturday, I got a great deal and couldn’t say no!  Oh well, I was gonna buy it next week anyway so what’s a week hey??

It will be here in a few days just in time for his session on Saturday Morning. Im just so proud of my baby I really hope he takes this somewhere, having a sporting hobby or focus is something I lacked as a child and it’s just so important to keep him healthy and happy.

I’m very excited to go and watch him on Saturday morning, just hope it’s not raining because they play come rain or shine on the outside courts!

Just occurred to me I should go and find out how to score a Tennis match and learn the rules, I have no idea what so ever, I can see this taking over my life.

I always thought Id be a soccer Mum, but I think a Tennis Mum is better. :-D

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